A first comprehensive noise exposure survey was conducted in 1987 by Esso Production Malaysia Incorporated (EPMI). Since then noise surveys are routinely conducted in EPMI's operations, both on-shore and offshore. The noise exposure guidelines EPMI has adopted are based on the Malaysian noise exposure regulations which are similar to United State's 0SHA Noise Regulations. Even though the regulations are not applicable offshore, EPMI has utilized the standards as guidelines for its offshore operations, as we believe such guidelines provide for personnel hearing protection.

This paper discusses the noise surveys in EPMI operations conducted at the onshore terminal, production platforms, and drilling rigs (during exploration and development drilling). The equipment used, methodology, criteria and strategies adopted for noise surveys are described. The results and findings of the surveys conducted, such as personnel dosimetry, noise sources, area noise levels, noise characteristics, and noise control recommtendations, are presented.

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