As a State Oil Company in Indonesia PERTAMINA has many fields of operation, and one of them is located in South Sumatera. The exploration and production activities are carried out in three fields, such as in Prabumulih, Bajubang (Jambi) and Pendopo, which are situated in a tropical jungle of South Sumatera Area. To support the operational activities, each locations are facilitated with Medical Services for the workers and their family.

By studying Medical Records of the workers retrospectively during five years (1985-1990) the results shown that 154 workers were suffering from Skin Diseases (population of the workers : 2,675), they are as follows:

  1. Dermatomycosis (40,0%)

  2. Contact Dermatitis (.38,0%)

  3. Other Skin Diseases (16,5%)

  4. Skin Infections (06,5%)

Those diagnoses have been stated by General Practisioner Doctors who were in charge in each field.

From the classification, Dermatomycosis takes the first problems, because this kind of disease is coused by dominant factors, such as tropical climate of the area. The second prob lem is Contact Dermatitis which caused by the workers' habits washing hands with solvents, after working. Skin Infection diseases are still found, but in small percentage. Other Skin diseases are Psoriasis, Herpes Zoster, etc., but no skin malignancy is reported.

The conclusion of the paper is that skin disease problem among workers of Exploration and Production Department are relatively low , and its patterns are different from those of other countries.

From the experience, by providing Medical far- cilities in each field of operations,health con dition of the workers and their family can be maintained and improved, and hence the target of Oil Company can be reached effectively and productively.

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