For successful Exploration and Production (E&P) Operations, relationship and engagement with the communities in the direct areas of influence is of paramount importance for Vintage Petroleum Boliviana (VPB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OPC). Since the beginning of the operations in three major areas—Naranjillos, Porvenir, and Ñupuco fields, the company at all stages or phases of design, planning, and implementation of projects and programs worked very closely with the neighboring communities in the areas of influence. The objective has always been the same: to improve the life quality of the society as a whole and be a partner with the communities.

This paper and presentation explains the approach, systems, and processes that VPB has successfully applied in: a) communicating with the communities; b) actively engaging the communities to avoid conflicts of competing interests; c) the processes employed in seeking prior consensus, approval, and engagement of the communities in the social responsibility programs launched by the Company. The multidisciplinary internal functions or groups involved (e.g., Supply Chain, Health, Safety, and Environment, Operations, Finance/Accounting, and the employees) makes the program successful. This paper also discusses some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) established for monitoring and evaluating the success of the programs. Additionally, the paper presents both tangible and intangible benefits the communities receive and the quality of life enhancement of the communities.

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