Addressing behavior safety concerns by Oil and Gas players have always been a paramount agenda in the industry, with rampant HSE management system development and deployment to the frontline crew, we cannot be assured on the full internalization and embracement of the system by each personnel at site in preventing incident and managing HSE risk effectively.

In early 2013, PETRONAS Upstream has adopted Hearts and Minds which was developed was developed by Shell, based on research conducted with the help of leading universities. Through an agreement with the Energy Institute, the programme is now widely accessible to any organization with the intention to elevate the frontline crew safety culture and promote better HSE risk management in dealing with the challenging day to day activities.

Later in 2015, PETRONAS Cultural Beliefs (PCB) was introduced and further complement the PETRONAS Upstream HSE Culture journey towards achieving a Generative or Value Driven culture. Upon various Hearts and Minds program experienced and renewed expectations to deliver and sustain HSE Excellence to PETRONAS Upstream business, a collaborated effort among key Upstream functions resulted a customised Hearts and Minds program was established and currently being deployed at selected location. The program has incorporated key Upstream HSE systems such as Level 1 assurance, HSE Case Operationalization, Process Safety Management, integrated HSE Online system and the HSE Legal Register requirements as part of the basis for HSE coaching and shaping the expected culture at site. In addressing the performance and culture sustainability requirements, the customized Hearts and Minds program has been incorporated in the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) that will drive the journey towards Top Quartile performance. With heighten HSE emphasis by PETRONAS Leadership Team particularly Vice President Malaysia Assets to all Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and Terminal Superintendent (TS) in promoting safety and asset integrity at respective location, the customized Hearts and Minds program would enable the other locations to experience the change journey, identified key levers for change, plan their HSE Excellence journey and ultimately drive their Hearts and Minds program.

The key success factor for having the program fully implemented and deliver the expected impact in both HSE results or performance for the asset and the entire crew demonstrating HSE chronic unease behavior and mindset are as follows:

  1. Strong leadership drive and commitment by the asset Leadership Team (LT) – Frequently review the Hearts and Minds program progress and participate in Management HSE visit with Tier 1 assurance conducted

  2. Ownership of the Hearts and Minds program by Production Head supported by other key functions such as HSE, Technical Services, Subsurface, Planning, Risk, HR and Finance

  3. Credible and competent Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) or Terminal Supritendants (TS), Field Manager and HSE lead as the regional or country Hearts and Minds program lead coach

  4. Committed and certified asset Leadership Team as the Hearts and Minds program coach that would address all coaching and development needs by the crew to deliver and sustain HSE Excellence

  5. Proactive and competent Site Safety Executive act as the advisor and partner to OIM or TS in driving HSE excellence at site

  6. Effective program roll out to targeted Hearts and Minds program participants in phases ie start with asset LT and move all the way down to junior technician and support functions according to the acceptance and results demonstrated on their day to day activities

  7. Full ownership and accountability by Hearts and Minds Program Co-create owner Upstream Health Safety and Environment (UHSE) Division, Business Improvement unit and Operational Excellence to drive the program to all Upstream assets, further improve the program design or content and continue in developing the program talent pool in delivering the expected impact and culture for PETRONAS

Apart of this journey towards the Generative culture in HSE Culture Ladder, we also embracing in creating pool of internal capabilities of Hearts and Minds leaders or better known as coaches, who will be able to advocate others on the content and create better understanding on the Hearts and Minds tools. The pilot program has shown early indicator of success and this will be a good platform for other assets to emulate the implementation too for sustainability.

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