GDF SUEZ Exploration & Production INTERNATIONAL (EPI) is committed to grant the same level of safety in all its facilities worldwide.

Over the years, Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) has established itself as a standard component of the risk management program for offshore and onshore facilities.

The QRA studies in the different affiliates of GDF SUEZ EPI vary depending on country regulations, experience and complexity of the facilities. The affiliates refer to internal methodology when conducting these studies. Risk Acceptance Criteria used during these QRA studies are affiliate dependant.

GDF SUEZ EPI believes there is a benefit in developing a consistent approach in the review of risks associated with operations. This approach is contributing to

  • improve the relevance of the QRA studies,

  • share feedback of QRA between affiliates,

  • compare results of the QRA studies in different regulatory regimes,

  • bring the assurance to corporate management of the quality of risk assessments.

The central component of this harmonized approach is to promote common practices regarding Quantitative Risk Assessment and related Risk Acceptance Criteria. This study covers the following points:

  • Comparing existing practices and QRA methodology in the different affiliates,

  • Integrating the Regulatory guidance in making the required demonstrations in QRA studies,

  • Reviewing recommendations by OGP, standards and regulations (HSE-UK, NORSOK, NL, etc.) to determine best practices.

  • Harmonizing QRA studies (Common methodology, Level of detail of these studies, ALARP demonstration, QRA for major changes, etc.)

This analysis investigates the QRA process, the selection and use of databases and analytical techniques, the effect modeling, and the risk acceptance criteria.

The study will improve practices for operations performed under the control of GDF SUEZ EPI by enhancing the safety of its installations and grant that affiliates use "all measures necessary" to avoid major risks.

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