In Canada, 1.4 million people self-identify as Aboriginal, distinctively represented as First Nations, Inuit and Metis. This total comprises 52 cultural groups, 11 major linguistic families and more than 50 distinct indigenous languages.

The company’s oil and gas production operations and major projects are situated in western and Northern Canada in regions that have an Aboriginal population ranging from 6% to 51% of the total population. With a high density of Aboriginal peoples living in and around our areas of interest, the company recognizes the importance of meaningful engagement to ensure Aboriginal rights and title are respected, relationship risk is managed and the company’s social licence to operate is maintained.

Given these business and social responsibility imperatives, the company created its "Aboriginal Relations Guiding Principles and Guidelines" (GP&G) in 2008. Consisting of five principles reinforced by guidelines in four focus areas, the GP&G represent the company’s formal commitment to how it intends to engage Aboriginal peoples, are a public demonstration of the importance it attaches to Aboriginal relations and are the foundation for supporting plans and programs.

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