Biodiversity policy has been established in the Total Group since 2007 which promotes minimization the impact of its activities on biodiversity, baseline surveys and environmental and social impact assessments for all new projects, giving special attention in zones where biological diversity is particularly rich and to provide information and raise awareness among its employees, clients, and the general public.

Indonesia has ratified United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity which requires any activities to conduct Environment monitoring and assessment prior to start. With respect on this requirement and adapt to Total Group's value, Total E&P Indonesie (TEPI) has launched several biodiversity program dedicated to Delta Mahakam considering Delta Mahakam is one of biggest mangrove forest lies on the earth and act as habitat for vulnerable and distinctive species and nurseries and spawning ground for fishes and shrimps.

Biodiversity program starts from the pre project phase until decommissioning phase through environment and social baseline studies in order to establish environment and social baseline condition. This information is critical and valuable to define sensitivity of the environment and identify biodiversity exist in the area. By knowing environment condition, mitigation efforts prepared and implemented during projects and activities. For sustainability of the program, involvement and partnership with stakeholder and local villagers in the biodiversity program has being introduced. Biodiversity program has also being supported by local authority in formation of government structural dedicated to Delta Mahakam management to synchronize all related sectors.

Biodiversity monitoring is also being conducted in order to know status of biodiversity and measure the effectiveness of the program. The results were reported and registered in GIS which can be accessed through TEPI internet. In coordination with Total Group and partnership with local university, several studies were also being conducted in order to support the program. This paper is dedicated to share biodiversity program implemented by TEPI and East Kalimantan government in Delta Mahakam because we believe through biodiversity, we invest nature for future generation.

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