Over the past decade there has been increasing interest in safety leadership as a key driver toward sustained improvement of organizational safety cultures. Within many investigations into hydrocarbon incidents, the failure of existing safety cultures has almost universally been identified. Texas City1, Gulf of Mexico2, and Varanus Island3 are just a few examples.

In this Paper we shall review the latest research concerned with optimizing your safety culture toward maximum workforce participation.

A few of the globally recognized thinkers in safety that you shall be introduced to shall be Bruce Avolio, Rhona Flin, Dov Zohar, Edgar Schein, and David G Broadbent.

One of the most critical points of failure within workplace safety systems is leadership (or failure of it) as a key input into the negative outcome. The author has defined this as "pinball leadership" and it is in existence within 90%+ of workplace systems. Recognition of this toxic influence is the first step toward engineering a consistent leadership framework throughout all levels of operational integrity within the business.

We shall explore the world's foremost safety leadership approach, that has been shown to have a sustained positive influence within offshore and onshore petrochemical assets. Having identified that path, we shall further demonstrate an effective system for integrating optimal safety leadership within workplace systems.

The developmental journey of one of Australia's leading petro-chemical support companies shall be demonstrated as a best-practice case study toward effective and sustained optimization of safety leadership technologies. Methods for measuring success shall be presented.

With the exponential expansion of petrochemical assets throughout the global community, and a consequent increase in risk profiles, as we continue to drill deeper than ever before, the critical nature of engineering optimal safety cultures is paramount. We see many organizations promoting themselves as "best practice" with regard to safety, and then when the investigation occurs we find that the "reality" is somewhat different. The gap between "word & deed" MUST be shrunk. This strategic investigation of these issues shall show you how to achieve the sustained development of an optimal safety culture with embedded resilience.

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