Maintaining global environmental compliance for oil and gas industry service companies can oftentimes be a challenge. The identification and communication of the appropriate rules and regulations is the fundamental operational control for all facility activities. Some of the specific challenges for a global regulatory requirement identification system include language barriers, complex national and local requirements, a wide range of regulatory approaches, and the application and enforcement of rules for major industrial dischargers to small oilfield service operations.

Personnel with environmental regulatory knowledge and those with knowledge about facility operations frequently have difficulty communicating when attempting to identify appropriate regulatory requirements. This paper introduces an innovative system that combines a structured approach to regulatory review along with supporting communication software that addresses the challenge of sharing information within a company. This system enables company personnel to become intimately knowledgeable with the day-to-day, multilevel compliance status of their respective facilities in a cost-effective manner.

This approach supports QHSE management systems, such as ISO 14000, and promotes a proactive, consistent global approach to protect the environment and maintain regulatory compliance. The paper will introduce the innovative approach to identify requirements for air, water, waste, spill prevention, and the general rules and process to use a structured communication tool to digest and outline summary requirements related to specific facility activities. The resulting system will help global oilfield operators to continue to move forward with improved environmental performance and regulatory compliance.

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