Because employees are the primary resource of any company, employee health should be a major organizational concern. To address this concern, our company has assembled a medical team whose members represent each country in Latin America. This action has enabled us to develop an occupational health program to help meet the needs of our operations and to take care of the health of our employees. This program strives to enable good health and health maintenance for our employees, which can improve our employees' quality of life.

All employees in Latin America are included in this program; their inclusion actually begins when they apply for any position within the company. As applicants, they receive an occupational medical evaluation, which enables us to determine their current health conditions and to help ensure that the job responsibilities do not represent a greater health risk. In addition to the pre- employment evaluation, our programs also include periodical (annual) evaluations and termination exams.

This paper describes the experience of our company in the implementation of an occupational health program that is aligned with the needs of each country. It primarily focuses on addressing the risks present in our operations that might represent a direct harm to employees' health. Over time, it has resulted in a healthier workforce population with a lower rate of absenteeism for health-related issues. Taking care of the health of all company employees has become a basic principle of prevention that underlies all of our health programs.

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