Managing the health of employees in a growing economy is posing a greater challenge. With changes in the economy, lifestyle changes, a greater propensity to spend, and a global multicultural infiltration of habits contribute to many health issues.

Managing the health of employees requires not just treating diseases, but also addressing the root causes— reducing the probability of exposure to illness and diseases.

The emphasis has also shifted to focusing more on the family, not just on employees, to help manage health risks. Part of the challenge was identifying the most effective means of reaching out to a group of employees and families and emphasizing the seriousness of the issues that we face. The solution was to get employees and families together in the workplace and partner with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) who promote awareness of lifestyle issues and help with management of these issues.

Schlumberger's commitment to improving the world around us was the main driver of the educational initiative. Schlumberger is a citizen of a global community. We strive to positively influence the nuclear family with the potential to influence the world at large.

Analysis of employee preemployment and periodic examination data revealed an alarming rate of smoking-, alcohol-, and weight-related issues. The occurence of HIV/AIDS and diabetes as they affect our immediate environment and global community is increasing rapidly and cannot be downplayed. In addition, all age brackets in India suffer from stress, resulting in a very high suicide rate. All these issues were addressed at the Schlumberger family health awareness day called "Health in Your Hands." The NGOs shared from their wealth of experience, bringing much color to the presentation of the hard facts.

Analysis of recent medical examination records has shown remarkable improvement over previous years. The testimonials received from the employees that participated also show good effects from communicating the message. We are convinced that, little by little, we are making a difference for the global citizenry.

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