Contract Management is one of the key elements for Kuwait Oil Company's (KOC) HSE Management system, which deals with "Contractors Commitments and Involvement". KOC believes that, contractors those who are conducting business with the Company are the keys to its business performance and good HSE performance is an integral part of an efficient and profitable business management. In line with its commitment towards Contract Management, KOC has developed many processes such as guidelines and oversight procedures to ensure full HSE compliance and enhanced performance. These processes defined the contractor HSE performance expectations and vigorous oversight of Contractor activities while performing work for the Company.

Contractor HSE statistics are one of the key HSE performance measures for Kuwait Oil Company. Contractor's HSE involvement is highly visible in all its activities. These initiatives of KOC have given good results in better awareness of our HSEMS expectations, better understanding of our HSE requirements, improved cooperation towards achieving our HSE goals and targets, Lowered accidents and incidents, which ultimately resulted in better Contractor HSE Performance.

Contract Management is one of the major challenges to the Oil Industry. Complexity and volume of corporate contracts have increased considerably in the recent years, due to the ever growing demand of higher productivity. Company's HSE performance is taking a lead role in the success of any company, which is largely dependent on an effective contract management.

Effective Contract management is the need of the hour to assure quality HSE performance and uphold the Company's reputation and corporate image. It will also provide a base line necessary to allow companies to measure and monitor HSE performance of the contractors.This paper outlines the processes and the methodology being followed by KOC for enhancing its HSE performance through an effective Contract management.

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