The "Plant Threats Management" is an HSE system developed in GASCO ASAB (UAE) and has been in application for more than two years now.

It is a live HSE system, in the way that it treats mainly the live threats which exist in the plant. A live threat is a risky situation which exists anywhere in the plant and is waiting to be converted to an incident. We know its presence, its location and its threat level.

In general a live threat is difficult to correct in the immediate stage, leaving us with an on-going live risk.

This HSE system focuses on the live threats, as opposed to other systems, which assess the potential threats or hazards which can be controlled or eliminated with proper and adequate controls.

The paper will describe:

  • The live threats.

  • The identification of live threats.

  • The "Live Threats Register".

  • The Risk-ranking of the threats.

  • Providing short-term and long-term solutions.

  • The "Threats register" Review.

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