SAIPEM, as a major contractor working for some of the most demanding organizations within the oil & gas industry, has come to recognize the necessity of safety leadership in achieving an accident-free workplace. In order to break through the TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) plateau, SAIPEM has established a Leadership in Safety (LiS) program, which is in the early stages of deployment.

Developed internally, and tailored to the company's operations, the program addresses all levels of management, starting at the top. One of its main features is the LiS workshop.

The LiS workshop aims to hit the delegates in the heart and get them thinking differently about safety. To achieve this, two powerful and original tools were developed: a movie inspired by a real life work fatality and a web-based "safety culture profiler".

  • The movie was filmed to illustrate "leadership expectations", demonstrate good and bad "intervention", show "behavior that leads to incidents", all reinforcing the workshop as it unfolds. In the movie the CEO speaks about SAIPEM's vision, values and commitment to safety.

  • The "profiler" is completed prior to a workshop to assess the emphasis delegates give to different safety leadership expectations. The results are not disclosed until the "expectations" sequence in the workshop, and then on a confidential individual basis. In addition to this personal feedback, the tool can give a "picture" of the perceived safety culture within a group.

Hands-on exercises allow delegates to analyze behaviors (ABC) and practice intervention (SAIPEM's Five Stars Intervention Tool).

This paper describes the program, why it was developed and how it is deployed. It will be of interest to project managers aiming for zero-accident in the construction phase.

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