Chevron shares the concerns that governments and the public have about climate change, and has developed a comprehensive program to manage its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are employing a variety of technologies to monitor and reduce emissions from our operations, and investing in research and development to commercialize new emissions reduction options.

As examples of our efforts, we are generating electricity from geothermal power in Indonesia, solar power in the United States, wind power in the Netherlands, and cogeneration in various locations. We are reducing flaring by commercializing stranded gas in Africa. We have reforestation projects in Brazil, Australia, and the United States. We are conducting research on fuel cells, hydrogen storage technologies, and advanced battery technologies, and are involved in several programs to develop, demonstrate, and commercialize carbon dioxide capture and geologic sequestration. Additionally, we have developed the industry-leading SANGEA™ system to inventory and manage our greenhouse gas emissions, and have donated it to the American Petroleum Institute. API has made the system available, free-of-charge, to the petroleum industry.

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