A common challenge facing many operators is to maintain the technical integrity as facilities age. There are challenges in maintenance as well as keeping updated on minor upgrades and modifications.

Production modes also change as facilities age, e.g. water production increases while oil/gas production decreases. The operational modes change from manual to automatic, often resulting in fewer operations personnel.

How do you operate this safely and knowing where you are in relation to your "operational envelope"?

After several years in operation we experience that the assumptions made and precautionary measures taken in the engineering phase of the platform development are not often commonly shared knowledge.

Vital technical "history" can also become obscured after some years of operation, often due to changing of personnel, cumbersome and voluminous documentation etc.

An HSE Management System (HSE-MS) was established from first operation, but does it reflect all minor upgrades and modifications over time? This uncertainty resulted in a perceived increase of risk.

This was the situation, which justified launching a project to define and assuring the technical integrity of an offshore platform.

The presentation will provide examples of a successful revamp of the HSE-MS, leading to a fully integrated risk based MS. The philosophies and strategies behind the implementation will be discussed, and examples of easily accessible information and tools to control the technical integrity and operation will be provided.

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