This paper reviews the current position of ENI Agip Division on Contingency Planning & Emergency Response after the new

Corporate HSE Policy came into force in 1998. This has been the first step for several initiatives to create and improve a new integrated HSE MS of the Division for the new millennium.

A key element has been our commitment to HSE standards and performance. HSE considerations must be central to all decision making throughout all of ENI Agip Division activities, from concept development to final abandonment. We must also be prepared to be scrutinized on these decisions and to be measured on our performance in meeting the standards we set.

Good HSE practice must be a way of life for all involved in our operations be they ENI Agip Div. staff and/or contractors.

The new HSE policy has been the opportunity to review the existing Emergency Response Plans both in the Italian Districts as well as in all Sister Companies and Subsidiaries worldwide. The Corporate Contingency Plan for major incidents specify when assistance should be requested from outside the Italian subsidiaries and Sister Company, principally for major emergency and for response to blowouts and major oil spills. Contractual arrangements are in place to provide these services when requested.


The objective of this job was not to issue an enormous number of ERP procedures for each specific plant but to establish a

Corporate Contingency Plan to ensure an efficient management of the Emergency Organization capable to activate on a world wide basis in the shortest possible time all necessary support and actions for the protection of the public, environment and

Company personnel and assists spending particular care for the areas where"Systems" are not yet totally implemented at all levels. To realize the objective it has been necessary to create a Corporate Emergency Response Plan to which the Emergency

Response Plan of each single Sister Company, Subsidiary and, in some case, Main Contractors is linked.

A new software tool has also been developed and named SINGER (Italian acronym for "Information System for the Management of

Relevant Emergencies"); this System is almost ready to be extended to Administration Bodies in Italy (Ministries, Fire

Brigade, Marine and Transportation etc.) and to Other Operating Companies and Main Contractors to ensure mutual assistance.

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