The complexity of the production from Heavy Oil Field increases many folds during the lifecycle of the field. The inclusion of Process Safety Management (PSM) from concepts of the project adds value; however, the uncertainty can be very canny as the parameters keep varying over each production cycle.

A large field development and the operation during the lifecycle should be harmonious; it is supported by PSM and Barrier Management which plays a vital role in preparing and guiding towards a holistic Risk Management.

Technical Safety Studies can be challenging as scenarios keep changing on every production cycles and each of the uncertainty has to be compounded with different iterative simulations. They shall as minimum include H2S, Thermal expansions and possible thermal releases, corrosion rates, flow parameters and monitoring.

The challenges has been addressed based on KOC's understanding of the risk, the Pilot Project experience. The significant barriers and process safety challenges had been incorporated during the engineering stages of the large field production design. A set of barriers has been identified to ensure a smooth operation during the entire life cycle.

The Heavy Oil Operations is yet to commence but the simulated model has been showing a satisfactory result considering the Accidents, lessons learnt from incidents world over, brainstorming from Industry experts and consultants from all relevant domains.

The study has resulted in the identifying the various process and non-process (including human factor aspects).

These barriers identified and its impact shall benefit in creating a basket of barriers to easily choose on a similar project. Further the studies concluded resulted in barrier of mitigation and controls incorporated in the project and highlighted in the operational manuals

The novelty of the understanding of the Challenges, risk management, Barriers Controls and Mitigation by creating a Basket of Issues that can be included in complex Heavy Oil Operations project by ensuring large coverage of Process Safety Activity.

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