Wettability contact angle characterization will be investigated by 2D technologies and a deterministic model is developed. Deterministic approach is a robust technique using 2D image capturing and image analyses that are applied on a Kuwaiti silty sandstone reservoir to accurately quantify, mathematically as well as physically, wetting contact angle trends in the rock sample. And, then, generate all possible pore contact angles. Wettability contact angle quantification utilizes imaging method and recovery model with deterministic systems is a novel approach. Prediction of recovery schemes is crucial for reservoir development and management. Since contact angle initial state is captured and well described, measurement will no longer be random or follow stochastic solution. In this study, heavy oil recovery prediction model is also developed by constructing mathematical model based on statistical grouping and averaging for all measured pore-walls available in the rock sample. Pore parameters such as pore-area, pore-count, and pore-wall and pore shape distribution are all captured and measured experimentally and data can be accurately generated. Previously, contact angle is always based on linear assumptions and its direct quantification is vaguely established. In this study, quantifying wetting contact angle follows morphological approach that has greater confidence.

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