This paper describes novel electrochemistry based in situ heavy crude oil upgrading technology and also field case and results of In Situ Oil Upgrading from Visoke Heavy Oil Field, Albania, produced oil changing chemical composition results, as well as gains in crude oil production and reducing water cut.

EOR technologies such as various thermal methods, CO2 flooding and chemical floods have gained increased interest due to the decreasing number of new-field discoveries, increasing number of maturing fields and higher oil price.

Among the emerging EOR technologies, electro chemical Electric Enhanced Oil Recovery is the new generation of tertiary oil recovery enhanced by electro kinetics (electro osmosis) and electro chemistry.

By tailored application of direct current on hydrocarbon reservoir between two wells, which serve as anode (+) and cathode (-), usually several fold oil production increase is achieved at cathode well, while production at anode well, if production well serves as anode, stays as before or slightly increased.

Method, if anode and cathode wells are cased and perforated, does not require any work over for field application, just connecting control panel with power source (3 phase 380 V, 18 A, 50 or 60 Hz) and electrically connecting control panel with well heads (casing or tubing) which previously should be electrically insulated by insertion of resistive tube in production line.

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