Heavy Oil is a strategic project for KOC with a first phase of field development of a green field in Kuwait by 2018/2019. Several pilot projects are undergoing execution using mobile production facilities. A recent initiative was considered to utilize old shut-in delineation wells near one of the existing production facilities (PF) used for testing horizontal wells provided some available capacity.

As a pilot one of the (PF) was selected to connect the old wells. A work over campaign was carried out to ascertain the integrity and condition of these old wells that included fishing of the parted tubing string in most of the wells, performing casing integrity test, repairing casing leaks, installing new well heads, running cement bond logs and saturation logs. Based on the logs and the sub surface data and proximity to the PF three promising candidate wells out of twelve wells were selected. After completion of the required surface modification and flow-line construction work wells were completed with Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP) and Down Hole Gauge (DHG). The current production results are very encouraging and accounts to almost 12% of the total field production.

The way forward is to replicate the same concept on other existing production facilities in the field and connect additional nearby inactive wells. This paper illustrates the optimization of utilization of existing PF and with inactive wells in the near vicinity. Also, it describes the additional value to the company in terms of production gain.

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