The thickness of super heavy oil reservoir in Liaohe oilfield reaches 150 meters, and the practice of using Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) to develop very thick reservoir has made great achievements. In order to further increase the oil recovery rate and the ultimate recovery factor, and make the oilfield development more efficient, the drilling and completion techniques of 95/8" production screen liner have been proposed and applied for the first time at home. Contrast with the conventional 7" production screen liner, the flow area of 95/8" production screen liner increases by 58 percent, and the oil recovery rate increases by 3 percent. The application of big bore horizontal well has successfully solved a variety of technique challenges, such as the design of flow passage and the optimization of strength designing of 95/8" screen liner, the rigidity analysis and mechanical calculation of large size casing, the well trajectory control by reaming-after-boring method in big bore well, the big borehole cleaning by the MMH drilling fluid and polysulfonate drilling fluid, the safe and smooth casing running of the completion pipe string by pseudo-catenary trajectory and rotary guide shoe, segregated completion in horizontal well by external casing packer assisted by high temperature, and so on. The big bore well techniques have been successfully used in three well, and single well has produced 147 tons per day. The daily production of big bore well is three times as many as the conventional well. The practice shows that the application prospect of drilling and completion techniques of big bore horizontal well in SAGD for the development of super heavy oil is bright.

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