This paper presents an extensive analysis solvent injection at elevated temperatures to recover heavy- oil/bitumen from fractured carbonates. Three different solvents (propane, heptane and distillate oil - naphtha) were injected at different temperatures representing a wide range of carbon number. Indiana limestone (outcrop) and vuggy naturally fractured carbonate samples (outcrop core samples from a producing formation in Mexico) were selected as core samples. Hot solvent was injected continuously through artificially fractured cores followed by hot water (or steam injection) phase. The optimal temperatures for heavy oil recovery and solvent retrieval, in the subsequent hot water injection, for each kind of rock sample and type of solvent were determined. The results revealed that heavy oil recovery increase with the solvent carbon number used. Also, it was observed that when the temperature is higher than the saturation value for the given pressure curve, the recovery decreases and the lightest component of the heavy oil are dragged by the gas stream.

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