This study models recovery of deep Tar-Mat available in substantial amounts in the Middle Eastern general and in Kuwait in particular as next generation and strategic reserves for extreme viscous and immobile solid-like unconventional oil. The study considers three unconventional different physical models. These physical models' fundamentals are generated, validated and predicted hence formulated using conventional extraction and unconventional geochemistry technologies. The first conventional recovery physical model is the liquid extracts of Saturates, Aromatics, Resin, Resin-to-Asphaltene (RAS) and Asphaltenes yielding unconventional model (RAS Model). The second unconventional recovery physical model is the elemental fingerprinting of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen (H/C Aspect-Ratio Model). The third unconventional recovery physical model is the rock evaluation pyrolysis.

In this study, sixty experimental lab data are performed on five fresh tar mat samples. Also three EOR agents are proposed for recovery techniques, toluene solvent, de-ionized water and surfactant-aided de-ionized water. Since four proposed thermal EOR techniques have been used 25°C, 135°C, 225°C and 315°C temperatures for the recovery, all recovery models honor systematic temperature variation for the recovery.

All three unconventional models are laboratory data-driven models, which will attempt to define recovery patterns, quantify novel phenomenon, and develop new relationships. Each physical Model will have the ability to assess the recovery application for this unconventional reservoir. Assessing the recovery starts with unconventional measuring the API density that is less than 5 °API henceforth the viscosity and the mobility of Tar-Mat-solid-like oil. Then monitor the recovery as the type of EOR agent and temperature conditions are elevated during the recovery process. On the basis of recovery findings unconventional models, new tools will be developed for engineers, geologists and oil companies to prospect this strategic reservoir.

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