South Ratqa (SR) Heavy Oil is a strategic field development project for KOC which is aiming to deliver in the first phase, a production capacity of 60 MBOPD. In order to meet this strategic target a large number of wells will produce on artificial lift and hence will require frequent interventions as the wells will be on multiple cyclic steam stimulation followed by steamflood. Reducing the operating cost per barrel will be a big challenge.

The application of Flush by Unit for servicing the shallow wells of South Ratqa in an ongoing pilot has proved to have significant impact in reduction of intervention costs, downtime and deferred production. The Flush by Unit is an innovative, highly mobile and efficient service technology for servicing wells producing with artificial lift.

The unit consists of a fluid tank, a triplex pump, a small derrick and hoist assembly, with tools and safety equipment's including rod tongs and sucker rod blow out preventer, all mounted on one truck. Servicing capabilities expand if the unit is deployed in collaboration with other service units or supporting equipment's for carrying out coiled tubing unit (CTU) or well surveillance activities. It also enhances safety, is user friendly, well-engineered, requires fewer operating people and has shorter work process with less nonproductive time compared to alternatives, such as conventional work over rig, for the same applications like pump replacement, upsizing/downsizing pump, preparation of wells for steam injection, well killing and back flushing operations, etc.

This paper presents the experience and results of utilization of Flush by Unit in the ongoing pilot wells which have proved this is a game changer technology for shallow heavy oil wells in Lower Fars reservoir by improving well intervention costs and cycle times when compared to conventional work over rigs.

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