The Oilfield is a cash flow dependent business, making the speed of decision-making very important. Our industry collects an incredible amount of data, but the volume of this data, coupled with inefficient oilfield software, slows down analysis and decision making. Critical decisions are delayed, and decision quality is affected.

Smart Assistants like Siri and Alexa have become extraordinarily popular lately due to their ability to perform routine tasks and make information readily accessible. Considering the oil industry's drive towards enhanced speed and efficiency, there is a considerable upside in applying the concept of a Smart Assistant to oil and gas applications. This Smart Assistant for Oil and Gas would consolidate massive amounts of data, derive knowledge from it, automate workflows, and provide faster and consistent insights.

This paper will look closely at a specific application of this Smart Assistant: analyzing flowback data from newly drilled wells. Engineers at Equinor have recently leveraged learnings from this Smart Assistant to increase efficiency in day-to-day tasks and realize results.

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