In the era of unconventional oil and gas drilling, time constraints often fast-track projects that lack sound completion practices. A multi-year production study of the Codell Sandstone in Laramie County, Wyoming has developed better completion practices that improved production and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR).

Helis Oil and Gas Co., LLC formed a team of experts to identify and execute best completion engineering practices for their horizontal Codell wells. Utilizing data from the production study and leaning on experience, the team identified seven core areas for improving Codell completions. The team (1) recommended performing fracture diagnostics, (2) investigated methods to increase Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV), (3) optimized the job size, (4) reviewed proper chemical additive selection, (5) included on-site real-time micromanagement of treating pressure, (6) reviewed wireline procedures, and (7) performed post-fracture treatment analysis.

The Laramie County comparative study included 247 wells completed during the 4-year time period of 2014 to 2018. Helis Oil and Gas Co., LLC completed a total of 13 wells with the enhanced workflow. Considering normalized average cumulative production per well metric, Helis wells outperformed offset wells by 58% in the first 6 months of production. Extending the time frame to the first 12 months of production, on average, the Helis wells produced 75% more oil. A total of 5 Helis wells outpaced the P10 normalized production curve within the first year of production. Examining normalized decline curves, Helis wells continued to outperform. Furthermore, 10 of the 13 Helis wells outperformed the P10 normalized decline curve after 12 months of production.

These techniques help get out of the mindset of the cookie cutter approach with assembly line frac designs. Focusing on these core principles and systematically applying engineered completion techniques to the Codell workflow has helped Helis Oil and Gas Co., LLC achieve superior production and outperform all other operators in the area.

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