The South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) and the Sooner Trend, Anadarko, Canadian, and Kingfisher (STACK) play areas of the Anadarko basin continue to grow and gain prominence. Perhaps the two most widely known formations in these areas are the Meramec and Woodford Shale; however, other formations also contain hydrocarbon potential. The objective here is to present an overview of the Sycamore formation and associated treatment design and discuss production analysis.

As development continues in both the SCOOP and STACK areas, more formations, such as the Sycamore, are being explored. Currently, development of this formation has been limited and minimal research has been published about this formation in recent years. Operators are now beginning to consider it for potential development for horizontal completions; therefore, it is important to develop a better reservoir understanding to apply appropriate technologies and more effectively complete wells drilled in this formation. Through analysis of studies conducted in the area of interest and data gathered about the formation, an appropriate stimulation treatment was formulated.

This paper discusses using several technologies, such as diversion and microproppant, in the fracture stimulation designs and the resulting impact on production for a well drilled in the Sycamore formation in Grady County, Oklahoma in the SCOOP area. The stimulation designs' components and technologies used were selected based on an understanding of the area. Successful completion techniques used in other formations were also incorporated into the stimulation designs. The production results from this particular well example are encouraging and are among the best in the area. The well's performance demonstrates the high degree of potential of the Sycamore formation.

This paper provides an overview of the Sycamore formation, completion and treatment design analyses, technologies used, petrophysical and formation evaluation studies conducted in the area, production analysis, and associated numerical and analytical modeling.

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