Multidisciplinary data integration combined with the deployment of proper technology is key to optimizing shale gas completions. This paper focuses on the real-time completion optimization of multiple laterals drilled from the same well pad in shale gas reservoirs. These laterals are spaced as closeas a few hundred feet laterally with varying vertical landing points. Though these laterals do expose more of the nanodarcy permeability shale rock and increase contact area through fracture stimulation—resulting in more efficient drainage—the challenge remains to optimize the stimulation treatment to maximize coverage around each designated lateral. The optimization process involves perforation and stage placement, sequential stimulation of these laterals, fluid and proppant schedules, treatment rates, and application of diversion technology when appropriate to achieve effective stimulation along these laterals and between the wells.

In a comprehensive multiwell completion case history from the Barnett Shale, geologic, well, and surface seismic information was integrated with log measurements using Petrel reservoir modeling software. This integrated understanding was coupled with live microseismic data, enabling reliable real-time decisions during stimulation to optimize stimulation coverage and proppant placement around these laterals. Opportunities in making changes to original designs were seized when injectivity problems were encountered early in the treatment process. This approach was executed successfully to gain injectivity and, later, to increase the conductive fracture area, allowing the frac to be managed in real time.

Observed fracture pressure responses and production from these pad wells validated the approach. Ultimately, an optimal horizontal stimulation was achieved by leveraging favorable rock properties to create a larger fracture surface contact area, thereby maximizing gas production potential and recovery.

The integrated approach presented here can be applied to any single well or multilateral shale gaswells.

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