A new clean biopolymer-based fracturing fluid has been developed. The new fluid has high conductivity, stable viscosity, low pipe friction, excellent proppant transport, and the capability to be used with produced water. This fluid-system development effort was aided by the evolution of a new approach to proppant transport measurement as well as the operational deployment of a dry-polymer blender used to effectively hydrate the fluid system as part of an on-the-fly treatment. The new fluid has been field-trialed in 14 frac stages over four wells with about two million pounds of proppant placed. The application of the new fluid and experience of the field-trials are discussed.

This new clean fluid is widely applicable to fracturing low-permeability reservoirs worldwide and can be used where both waterfrac and traditional gelled fluids are currently used. This fluid signals a dramatic shift in fracturing low-permeability unconventional reservoirs by coupling excellent proppant transport with high conductivity.

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