The economic impact of missing production targets represents high risks that demand engineering based and sound processes to ensure injection assurance.

This paper describes the results of pressure analysis conducted in injection wells, successfully utilized for Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) and disposal of produced water because of a close monitoring of pressure injection and decline, in spite of the risky conditions. Abnormal pressure increases, and restrictions observed during injection were mitigated via engineered diagnostics.

This paper also describes the interpretation and methodology implemented to maintain safe injection assurance via regular pressure analysis until pressures reached values above overburden indicating need for associated risk assessment, including potential breach to the surface. Characterizing the disposal domain using injections monitoring and in-depth pressure analysis is a major step to enhance mitigation of waste environmental protection risks posed by CRI. Past interpretations of waste domain, appear to be in conflict with rock mechanics, hydraulic fracturing and general physics principles.

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