The Reserve Technical Potential Management System (RTPMS) is divided into 5 main stages and associated together with the Petroleum Reserve Management System by SPE. The main aim by merging these two concepts is to improve understanding of the reserves pool and therefore provide a practical guideline on a standard definition for high level planning and day-to-day operations. The concept is being developed with major focus on the rehabilitation of mature fields where each barrel of oil counts and uncertainty, both technical and economical, are becoming more challenging at industry level. High decline in productivity and increased operational challenges are common issues for mature fields. Recurrently, lower recovery factors are mainly driven by reservoir characterization uncertainty and management, geological complexity, limited resources and operational efficiency. This paper addresses some of these challenges in an integrated manner.

Each stage is mapped and associated with the SPE Petroleum Reserve Management System, the project management control level, the time cycle (short: operation efficiency, medium : production optimization and long: reservoir management), a digital oilfield concept, the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders, the technology groups and their key technologies. The five stages are defined as; 1) Actual Potential, 2) Operational Technical Potential, 3) Constrained Technical Potential, 4) Theoretical Technical Potential and 5) Ultimate Technical Potential.

The concept has been developed based on lessons learnt and best practices acquired in mature field rehabilitation projects.

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