As companies are increasingly challenged by oil and gas reserve disclosure and corporate governance requirements, it takes more internal and external resources to be compliant. This paper outlines a secure Citrix and web based process which has been used for over 5 years that significantly improves access to data, communication, work product quality, transparency, efficiency, and thus, the cost of an annual reserves or audit requirement. The most significant process change is that the reserve database is hosted by the E&P company with the independent consultant acting as the administrator through secure Citrix access. The process utilizes industry available software processes that allow the independent consultant and E&P company staff, in different parts of the world, to see the work product in 24/7, resulting in workflow and cost efficiencies related to data and/or interpretation issues. In addition to the final report, the reserve database and technical/financial models are also available to the E&P Company for internal business decisions and updating during the year which improves the external process for the following year-end. There are a number of opportunities to improve the Citrix and web based process which will also be discussed.

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