On the today's global market it is an important issue to have an adapted management system, due to the fast change of beliefs in social communities and politics. In the last few years a significant change in E&P business could be recognized from conventional sources to unconventional ones. With this extensive change the degree of resistance and possible problems for E&P companies increase, especially in Europe.

To realize an unconventional project in Europe, like shale gas, it is very important to adjust the project management to the given situation. There is a lot of resistance and fear from the population in Europe against shale gas projects, which is somehow unfounded.

To maintain a high acceptance of the communities and governments, the emphasis lies on the adaption of this operation.

The projects have to be operated in a more sustainable way. Observation of economic and technical issues is important, but the management has to look further beyond. To account for the overall sustainability, two further levels have to be considered, especially in shale gas projects. Ecological and social aspects for unconventional projects have to be introduced and interconnected in a higher degree compared to conventional projects in the oil and gas industry.

This paper introduces a 3D matrix, where the three major points of sustainability are imbedded into a workflow chart of a shale gas project. The matrix should act as a sort of subsidiary to the management of a shale gas project in Europe.

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