Many papers have been written concerning the energy industry's need to become more efficient in its methodologies and operations. The shrinking qualified workforce and global economic factors are placing further pressures on the energy sector to streamline processes. This requirement extends itself to all phases of the energy industry, especially with multidisciplinary multi-organizational teams.1-5 

For the past 5 years a major private equity player has successfully exploited the digital oil field to streamline its asset management processes. This company manages its 2.3 billion dollar oil and gas portfolio with a staff of 5 professionals by utilizing a web-based portfolio management tool. This same staff of 5 annually approves over $100 million in AFE's.

Since inception this web-based application has been successfully deployed to manage 36 different partnerships across the United States. This system has benefited by the proactive input of over 300 industry professionals throughout the application development and deployment cycles. The software currently consists of over 60 different analytical tools to analyze the performance of a portfolio.

This paper examines the use of web based technologies to build a portfolio management system. There are many pitfalls and challenges to overcome to ensure the success of an application designed to monitor performance and measure value. From specifications through rollout to E & P companies aspects of design and deployment are thoroughly explored.

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