Overview and Challenge

The East Tunstill Field is a tight, under-saturated sandstone reservoir with a 9% recovery factor on primary depletion. Marginal current production and a previous relatively unsuccessful waterflood did not present the potential value of the field. In order to present this value, within a limited budget, new procedures and methods were necessary. A project workflow was designed to handle the field characteristics of a high number of wells and many years of production, resulting in a large amount of data that could be used to achieve a better analysis.

The operator, Penn Virginia ("PVA"), believed an improved reservoir description applied with simulation methods could yield a better understanding of previous drainage, fluid movement, and the volume and location of the remaining oil. Additionally, the operator decided to utilize a new volumetric balancing technology that allowed a fast (15 minutes) analysis of various waterflood injection/producer patterns to derive the most economic and efficient flood pattern and thereby highlighting its potential.

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