Kansas Waterflood Symposium of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME,19 November, Great Bend, Kansas


A history of the Studley Pool in Sheridan County, Kansas, under both primary and secondary operation is presented. Included is a discussion of the primary performance of the various wells and Lansing-Kansas City zones and the individual performance history of each well since the waterflood was initiated. Also included is a discussion concerning the source of the injected water and the manner by which it was handled and injected.


The Studley pool is located in the east central part of Sheridan County, Kansas. The discovery well, Pratt No. 1, was completed in March 1943 and potentialled through perforations opposite the fourth zone (" H" zone)in the Lansing-Kansas City formation for 689 barrels of 42 API oil per day natural. Nine additional wells were drilled during 1943 and 1944, three of which were dry holes, three of which were abandoned temporarily after completion difficulties, and three of which were completed successfully, making a total of four producing wells at that time.

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