Recent advances in the development of large-diameter and high-strength steel coiled-tubing (CT) products have helped fuel growth in the coiled-tubing industry. Advanced spoolable composite CT may offer advantages in some applications to the industry over current steel products. Composite CT could expand the market for coiled-tubing service and well completion. The composite CT's resistance to corrosion from CO2 and H2S should make it readily applicable in injection, disposal, and producing wells in which current tubular installations demonstrate limited lifespans or where costly corrosion-protection systems are used. The composite CT may be a cost-effective alternative to 13-chrome and glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) jointed pipe. Because composite CT is resistant to chemical stimulation fluids such as HCl in sweet and sour wells, the tubing may be more reliable than conventional tubing, and may provide a cost savings in larger treatments such as those used in horizontal stimulations.

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