Many gas gathering systems in Canada operate at pressures above 1000 kPa (145 psi) which could result in premature abandonment of gas wells and pools. PanCanadian Resources has selectively identified numerous opportunities to recover this additional gas and increase productivity by installing wellsite stripper compressors.

A systematic approach was used to identify and select 19 wellsite compressor applications. Two of the primary criteria used on this initial screening was a well's cumulative production and its peak production rate. The selection process then required further reserve and well performance analyses and utilized material balance and nodal analysis techniques. The hardware selection process concentrated on the ability to approach atmospheric pressure at the wellhead. These lower wellhead pressures resulted in incremental gas recovery and improved wellbore hydraulics whereby liquids are effectively lifted due to increased tubular velocities.

The applications to date have been predominantly wells with higher deliverability capability in depleted reservoirs. The program has resulted in sustained incremental production of 323 E3 m /D (11.4 MMSCFD) and an additional 378 E6 m3 (13.3 BCF) of gas recovery. The success of this program will be expanded to other gas applications where lower pressures will benefit a well's or group of wells' productivity and ultimate gas recovery.

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