The temptation to build a gas pipeline in the Amazonic Forest or an electric transmission system is very strong when you have not knowhow or enthusiasm to develop a new technology. Nevertheless, after a long story, the most sympathetic project was achieved to transport Natural Gas from Urucu to Manaus and Porto Velho.

Beyond a sympathetic point of view, it is also possible to get a good benefit in creation of activity for people (labor) and in efficiency of money (rentability).

The project deals with environment conditions and resolves all problems to transport natural gas on ways given by nature (rivers) and takes opportunities to develop a process to match technical specifications and economics.

Protect the rain forest with LNG is to show how human "profitability can be enhanced in tomorrow's environment".

Main points will be discussed: modular Unit for liquefaction versus scale factor; electric driven compressor versus turbines; air cooler versus refrigerated water; light self container barge versus integrated barges for transportation; fractioning with energy recuperation versus simple vaporization.

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