Recent development of the Rock Springs Formation in Sweetwater County, Wyoming indicates coalbed methane production potential. Triton Oil and Gas Corp. drilled the #2 UPRC-1 well late in 1989 to test the potential of these coals. An analysis of the data collected indicates that gas content uncharacteristically decreases linearly with depth between 3,400 and 4,000 feet beneath the Triton property, with discontinuities in this relationship occurring both at shallower and deeper ranges in depth. A 25-year prediction of gas producibility for the well using the COMETPC 3-D reservoir simulator indicates approximately 1.0 BCF cumulative gas production or 61% of the gas-in-place for a 160 acre well spacing. These reserves are based only on 14.5 feet out of 36.5 feet of total coal to be completed in the #2 UPRC-1 well. This paper provides some of the first publically available information on commercial coalbed resources in this portion of the Great Divide Basin, part of the greater Green River Basin.

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