A video camera survey was used to examine 2217 feet of horizontal well bore. The air-drilled hole was clean and generally free of debris. More than 200 curvalinear features were noted in the well bore which were interpreted to be natural fractures. A method of orienting the features observed was developed and tested by building a replica of a section of a well bore and examining features with known inclination and orientation. Special video enhancement and playback equipment was used to examine the video tape and orient features in the well bore. Rose diagrams of oriented features show good correlation with rose diagrams of surface joints, seismic trends in the area and fractures oriented from 74 feet of oriented core taken in the well. The video camera survey also revealed that 2-phase flow conditions existed in the well bore. LNG flowed through fractures into the wellbore staining the walls, sublimated, and was produced as a gas. This method of analysis provides information useful in designing completions and stimulations in low-pressure reservoirs.

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