Saudi Arabia has about 3% of the total world reserves of natural gas. The total annual production of natural gas in Saudi Arabia is about 32 billion cubic meters. Most of this production is from associated gas to the crude oil production. It is also produced from gas fields such as Dammam, Hamur, Jawb, Lawhah, Maharah, Marjan, Shaybah, Zuluf, Abqaiq, Berri, Ghawar, Kidan and Qatiaf. In the past, associated gas were directly flared with little uses as fuel mainly in domestic appliances. It sometimes injected into oil reservoirs to help in oil production. It is often used in industrial purposes either as a source of energy in electricity generation, refinery fuel or in lime or fertilizer manufacturing. Nowadays, natural gas is considered the backbone of many petrochemical industry in the country. This paper will review the current utilization of Saudi natural gas with an insight look toward the brightful future.

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