The use of wireline measurements in gas storage gathering lines is a new idea which addresses the problem of internal and external corrosion in pipelines. Gathering lines are subjected to the same corrosive agents (H2O, CO2, H2S, etc.) as gas storage wells. However, unlike storage wells, where wireline surveys are utilized to monitor metal loss, the level of damage in the gathering lines is largely unknown. Most of the other corrosion monitoring methods are not direct measurements of corrosion. While pipeline inspection pigs detect corrosive damage they have limited application due to the gathering lines relatively short lengths and small diameters.

The use of the Pipeline Corrosion Tool and Video Camera introduces a precise means to completely inspect pipelines. Metal loss is detected and then correlated to a video survey. Both tools have been physically designed to traverse the extreme bends found in gathering systems. Pipeline logging is an accurate and ecomonically attractive alternative for detection of internal and external corrosion in pipelines.

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