A furan resin process has been successfully used to stop sand production in underground gas storage wells used by the Illinois Power Company.

The resin process consolidates formation sand into a matrix which is permeable to gas flow but screens sand out of casing perforations. Sand produced with gas can severely damage production equipment, enlarge perforations in the casing, and plug wells so that injection and withdrawal are prevented.

This paper presents a discussion of furan resin characteristics and applications for which it is suited. Treatment methods are detailed and treatment sequences presented. Case histories given for three wells show up to 13 years of gas injection into and sand-free gas withdrawal from storage wells that had previously produced enough sand to stop injection/withdrawal and to ruin valves and other production equipment. Storage wells completed initially with the furan resin process or recompleted after producing sand have required no workovers during the several years since treatment with the resin.

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