A study was conducted which demonstrated the use of geostatistical techniques for identifying correlations between geologic parameters and gas production for 38 coalbed methane wells completed in the Blue Creek coal seam of the Oak Grove (U.S. Steel) field in Alabama. Data used in the study consisted of production information for these wells along with geologic information for the area of interest. Results indicated that four geologic parameters showed statistical correlations with gas production: the well elevation (a proxy variable for permeabilty), the number of lineament intersections within 250 feet (76 meters), the thickness of the Blue Creek coal seam, and the length of the nearest lineament. The study suggested that the results obtained for wells in the primary degasi-fication grid could be extrapolated to wells in an adjacent area having lineament orientations similar to the primary grid. A method by which each well could be characterized based upon its production profile (i.e., production versus time relationships) rather than a simple one-number summary, such as 4-year cumulative production, was also identified.

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