Most demethanation programs which use boreholes from the surface to access the coal, incorporate a stimulation program to enhance the well production. In most cases, the stimulation selected is a frac using nitrogen foam or other fluids. Novacorp has determined that fracing the coal may not be the best technique to apply to a well.

Novacorp, whose experience includes over eighteen (18) fracs on demethanation wells, has developed and patented an alternative stimulation method, called the Cavity Stress Relief (CSR) technique, which it believes is more effective than the frac, in most cases.

Through a review of the basic parameters which affect the desorbtion of gas from coal, a comparison is made between the frac and CSR stimulation techniques. A description of the conditions and results of two field tests of CSR are given. Also, the areas which need further development will be discussed. Although still not totally proven, the CSR stimulation technique promises to be a very effective method of stimulating most demethanation wells.

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