A systematic approach is presented for generating transient inflow performance relationship curves for finite conductivity vertically fractured wells. A semi-analytical model was developed to simulate dimensionless wellbore pressure drop and dimensionless pressure loss through the fracture vs. dimensionless time at constant-rate of production for wells intercepted by a finite-conductivity vertical fracture. Flowing bottom hole pressure can be predicted at any time period using these dimensionless variables. System average pressure at any stage of production can be obtained through material balance calculations.

A straight line reference curve was observed at all times provided that the real gas pseudo-pressure function is used to plot m(pwf(t))/m(p¯R(t)) vs. qg(t)/qgmax (t). The advantage of normalizing the dimensionless variable in termas of pseudo-pressure function is that only one straight line relationship is obtained throughout the entire production life of the reservoir. This provides a more simple means for performance prediction purposes.

The major contribution of this paper is the provision of a valuable tocl to study the sensitivity of fracture design parameters on ultimate well performance. The economic benefits of this approach can be substantial.

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