The Gas Research Institute (GRI) has established, as part of its research program, the Gas Resource Information System (GRIS). GRIS is a computerized data base that contains historical data on eastern gas shale wells. GRIS was established at the request of industry and contains all those elements which industry feels are important for the evaluation of drilling, completion, stimulation and production techniques for eastern gas shale wells. While GRI will be researching the data on the base to optimize production from the eastern gas shales, it will make GRIS available to industry as a mutually beneficial tool. GRI intends to cooperate with industry in updating and maintaining the data base.

Through industry's cooperation in providing input into the data base, it is felt that sufficient data will be available so that the data base can be effectively utilized to optimize techniques for attacking the eastern gas shales as a vaiable production tarqet and as a consequence both the producer and rate payer can benefit from the availability of more gas into the pipeline.

While the data base will not answer all problems, its use as demonstrated in the study case can be of prime importance in sorting out those factors that can be used to develop optimum techniques to maximize gas production from the eastern gas shales.

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