Mountain Fuel Supply Company and the U. S. Department of Energy are conducting a joint project to demonstrate production and recovery of methane gas from deep coal seams in the Book Cliffs coal field of central Utah. The objective is to drill three wells to depths near 3000 feet to determine if commercial quantities of gas can be produced, and then to install production facilities for injecting the gas into the Mountain Fuel Supply gas transmission system.

Two of the three wells have been drilled and testing has been initiated. Five coal seams were encountered at depths between 2681 and 3112 feet. Core samples were obtained and desorption measurements indicate gas contents up to 400 cu ft/ton. The gas is approximately 95 percent methane. Water influx tests were made and water pumping equipment is being installed. Plans are being formulated to hydraulically stimulate the principal coal seams with nitrogen foam to increase production.

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